ART 121 – Sculpting in Stone

Course Description

This course offers the unique opportunity to create your own sculpture under the guidance of an experienced artist/sculptor. At this outdoor workshop you will discover the hidden beauty of stone and learn how its natural structure, pattern, and rhythm can help you to shape your own creations. Learn important steps in the process of sculpture, including the use of specific power and hand tools. Basic tools and stones of different shapes and sizes will be provided. Location to be confirmed.

Vahe Tokmajyan is internationally known for his art with over 30 years of experience in professional sculpture. His large and studio size artworks are shown in museums, galleries and private collections in many countries. Vahe has incorporated his experience as a practicing artist into his teaching approach. With an MFA specializing in Drawing and Sculpture, Vahe has an extensive experience in adult teaching with the focus on hands on practice.

He is the recipient of the Art and Culture Award at the 2007 Calgary Immigrants of Distinction Award. Vahe represented Canada internationally several times: in 2008 in China, in 2010 in Argentina where he received a Public Choice Award, in 2014 in Brazil, In 2017 in France and Denmark.

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